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About Us

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PlantAgra, based in Southeast Alabama, helps growers across the country produce more and have better results. Our Specialty products and fertilizers are developed with our growers in mind. Our relationships with our growers go beyond the products we provide. We also assist our customers in regard to plant disease and prevention, trouble shooting, and testing soil and water. 

Thanks to technology, our consulting services can be provided instantly. We have over 100 years of experience that we put to work for our growers. Partnering with PlantAgra is more than products, it's putting to work a century's worth of experience to work for you. 

Tony Singley founded PlantAgra to put his decades of experience to work for other growers. Tony is available for all of his growers to help diagnose issues with disease, depleted soil and more. His experience helps farmers have record breaking seasons throughout the country. Tony does more than recommend products, his consulting services deliver results!

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