16-4-13 Acid Drip

Complete acid fertilizer for blueberries and vegetables that also works to clean irrigation system as you feed.

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DERIVED FROM: Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate, Iron EDTA, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Ammonium Molybdate and Boric Acid.

Potentially Neutral Formula

USER SUGGESTIONS: Refer to enclosed recommendations.

Nitrates, Inorganic N.O.S. UNI477


CAUTION This product contains BORON and MOLYBDENUM. Determine plant sensitivity prior to use. Plants containing excess MOLYBDENUM are toxic to livestock. Crops sensitive to either or both of these two elements may be injured.



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