10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer

100% Water Soluble

Complete formulation for your pond maintenance.

Primary plant food derived from Potassium Nitrate and Ammonium Phosphates.

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Fish Pond Fertilizer


GENERAL INFORMATION:  Plant Agra 10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer is formulated from the highest quality materials.  All are highly water soluble.  Therefore, Plant Agra 10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer does not sink to the bottom and become tied up in mud bottoms.  Plant Agra 10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer provides nutrients that stimulate the growth of plankton, the base of the food chain in ponds.  Water insects and organisms feed on the plankton.  Small fish feed on the insects and small organisms; large fish prey on the small fish.  Your ponds entire food chain will be increased.  Using Plant Agra 10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer can increase fish production two to three times.  Infertile ponds seldom produce more than 100 pounds of fish per acre. 


DIRECTIONS FOR GENERAL APPLICATION:  Apply at the rate of 4 pounds per surface acre of water with aquatic applicator.  Begin applications in late February early March.  At two week intervals, make applications for next month, then once every three weeks for nine weeks.  Applications may be made monthly thereafter until the end of October.


WARNING:  Using a Secchi Disk, measure light penetration.  Once reading is 18 to 24 inches, stop fertilization.


Seller warrants that the product conforms to its chemical description and is reasonably fit for the purpose stated on the label when used in accordance with directions under normal condition use; but neither this warranty or any other warranty of merchantability of fitness of a particular product expressed or implied, extends to the use of this product contrary to label instructions or under abnormal conditions, or under conditions not reasonably foreseeable to the seller, and buyer assumes the risk of any such use.



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